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The Makers Exhibition consists of two live events that will take place on every day of the Prague Quadrennial. During these all-day events, which will be held at the Gallery at Bethlehem Chapel, artists from all over the world will prepare and perform food inspired by and coming from different theatre performances. The project commissioner is Icelandic theatre expert and set and costume designer Rebekka A. Ingimundardottir:

The Makers Exhibition is a new experimental addition to the main exhibition, which aims to exhibit makers in the act of making and to capture their activity in the dynamic areas of making. PQ offers a platform to examine the intersection between the worlds of theatre, drama and food design. PQ invites scenographers (makers) to design their theatrical food and dining experience in front of an audience in order to explore not only the design of food itself, but also the way it is prepared, presented, shared and played out. For this experiment, PQ has provided a Makers workshop kitchen, a nostalgic machinery food chain environment with a theatrical twist in an art gallery in Prague.

The color and drama of food preparation and cooking has become an increasingly social activity. The kitchen is now seen as a theatre in which the act of preparing, cooking and sharing food becomes a private performance for invited guests. It has become valued as a shared tactile experience. PQ Makers and their visitors will examine the relationship between these things by preparing the theatre and the food experience, by cooking and sharing theatre food with their visitors. Makers will put their theatre design and food design together at the same table and use food as their theatrical material.

Makers are invited to redo their existing theatre-perfor-mance work – to recycle it. The theme should be theatrical and should take the form of a reference to an existing play or performance recycled into a food experience. They are invited to make an experience for all the senses and include the essence of their past projects. The aim is to make something new with inspiration from old work but NOT to re-stage something that the Maker has done before.

Imagine that, instead of a classical theatre stage, black box or site-specific stage, the Maker is given a theatrical restaurant surrounding in which to express themselves through food.

What is important is that visitors see how the Makers draw, think, work and develop ideas, and what the process of creating a new work looks like. The PROCESS is the most IMPORTANT. The preparation and development is as important as the making of the food.

We wish you a pleasant, enjoyable, comforting journey through the hallways of the theatrical mind of imagination and craft.

Exhibiting Countries and Regions

Australia — Anhydrous - Student project
Australia — Goodbye Great Barrier Reef - Student project
Australia — Australian Hybrids - Student project
Australia — Tiptoe On Roller Skates
Australia — Colonies in Conflict - Student project
Australia — For the Love of an Orange
Australia — Incandescent Flight - Student project
Australia — The Dilly Bag
Australia — The Glorious Crawl - Student project
Australia — Beyond the Final Cut
Australia — Bargain Garden
Australia — Efflorescence - Student project
Australia — Four Seasons In One Day - Student project
Austria — Two Heathers Down, One Heather Standing
Belgium — Half & Half - Student project
Brazil — Baianas
Brazil — Famigerada
Brazil — Obiectare
Bulgaria — Some
Canada — Cooking Miss Julie: Miss Julie Cooks
Canada — Ouitou the Hug Dispenser
Canada — _____saurus
Catalonia — Harakanay. Incognita Tribe of Tribes. - Student project
Catalonia — Folds of Silk. The Good Craftsmen’s Tribe - Student project
Chile — Centripetal
Chile — Table
Chile — Proyecto Selk´Nam - Student project
China — Requiem 2009
China — Vivi Tunkou Tribe
China — Vivi Carp Tribe
Cyprus — Recipe for the heart of a dog
Czech Republic — Needed Heroes - Student project
Czech Republic — Post-apo Suit - Student project
Czech Republic — Futuhero
Czech Republic — Executioner's Sword
Czech Republic — The Trip - Student project
Czech Republic — Swans
Czech Republic — Animal Kingdom
Czech Republic — Crown
Czech Republic — Trumpets in the Sky: The Naughty Twin
Czech Republic — A Tragedy In Four Acts
Czech Republic — Theatrum Politicum Turbulentis - Student project
Czech Republic — Leavening
Czech Republic — Wonderful Circus
Czech Republic — Kings of busking - Student project
Czech Republic — Luxury
Czech Republic — Outcidre - Student project
Denmark — Sisters Academy * Sisters eat
Denmark — Para-dice Return
Estonia — Brainy
Finland — Poodle
Finland — The Official Finnish Tourism Association (with one pair of Lapikkaat and a Pulla purse) - Student project
Finland — A Shelter
Finland — Beyond Regalia
France — He War
France — Jump!
France — In Camera
Georgia — Puppet People -Dream (restage)
Germany — The Chips Are Down! - Student project
Germany — Cheer/Leader
Greece — The Cherry Orchard De(con)structed
Greece — To Speak About It
Iceland — Lamb
Iceland — A Flag or an Apron?
Ireland — Papaveraceae
Ireland — Us
Ireland — Cat Bird
Israel — Eat Roses
Italy — Brocchetta
Italy — Food at war: from Iliad to Globalization
Italy — Transite - Student project
Japan — Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Lebanon — It's a Plas-tic
Lebanon — Blow their Mill
Lebanon — Fatt
Lebanon — Lay Within
Mexico — Old Sea Mask – Mar Monstrum
Mexico — Mexico
Mexico — Self-destruction
Mexico — Metlalt and Metlapilli from 'The Ribald Flower Song' ('Xochicuicatl cuecuechtli')
Mexico — Alegría (redux)
New Zealand — Patu Paraoa
Norway — Carrying a Suitcase Filled With Manuscripts
Pakistan — Life has Gotten to Be so Mechanical
Poland — The Wedding Which was Not
Poland — #abyss.foodpossession
Poland — The Rainbow installation
Poland — Urban Reflections
Romania — A metaphor of Time - Student project
Romania — Time - Student project
Russia — The Baby Carriage
Slovakia — Zmok
Slovenia — Go Get Some Ice Cream
Spain — Royal Gazpacho
Spain — The Talking Glasses
Switzerland — Blue Tired Heroes
Taiwan — Caressed 愛撫過了
Taiwan — Triwan - Student project
Thailand — Otherness
The Netherlands — In-between, Bound by the trip - Student project
The Netherlands — Sculpting Fear - Obstacle
The Netherlands — The Bag of Sinterklaas Always Carried by Black Pete
The Netherlands — Hummelmania
The Netherlands — O.O.E. 40 Four Lighthouses
The Philippines — Mask and Kaftan Tribe Ritual
Turkey — Suitwearers - Student project
Turkey — To be or not to be - Student project
Turkey — Pollution - Student projdect
Unesco — a
Unesco — d
United Kingdom — Tribe of Fools - Student project
United Kingdom — Magpie - Student project
United Kingdom — Synthetic Scots - Student project
United Kingdom — Back to White - Student project
United Kingdom — The Screen Faces present The Fifth Wall
Uruguay — Never understand anything
USA — ‘The Temporary Tribe’ (Praha)
USA — Rhinoceros
USA — Deep River: 4 Character-Scapes from the American South
USA — Three Headed, Cargo Pocket Creature
USA — Tasting Notes
USA — The Artist, The Devil and The Heavenly Host of Angels.
USA — Wolves in Lambswool Suits
USA — Commissure: A Social Exchange - Student project
USA — Key Large-O
USA — Hair - Student project
USA — Flying Pig
USA — The Queen and Her Corgis
USA — Polaris: Porsgrunn
USA — Horns - Student project
USA — The Common Thread
USA — Edible Dramaturgy: Exploring death and fetish through candy
USA — Passage
USA — Creamer
USA — Reticular Momentum - Student project
USA — Goat in the Coal Mine - Student project
USA — Country of Many Nations: E pluribus unum - Student project
USA — Rainbrella
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