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Pražské Quadriennale scénogravie a divadelního prostoru Zpět na hlavní stranu Služby PQ 2015
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An online library Scenography Expanding offers the ability to upload and download texts and other materials connected to scenography theoretical and historical discourse. To manage your documents go to File Form in the left menu.

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Schuller, Roswitha KeyNote Lecture for Intersection Symposium
Harringer, Gerald Notes for Riga symposium On Spectatorship
Sagiv, Oren Everyday
Abderhalden, Rolf Mapa Teatro-Scenography between Micropolitics and Poetics
Šuvaković, Miško Discursive Analysis of Art
Greer Crawley, Hans Op de Beeck Staging Silence
Bosse, Claudia Acoustic Spaces
Arnold Aronson and, National PQ Curators Curating Scenography
Branderburg, Ulla von A Box in a Box in a Box