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2015 » Sweden » Student Section

Curator:Anders Larsson
Authors of Theme:Per A Jonsson, Ann-Margret Fyregård
Designer / Architect of exhibition:Per A Jonsson

Costume in Change / Classic Text

The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA) at Stockholm’s University of the Arts presents two projects in the PQ student section. The first project is from the costume design programme, and the second involves team projects in which all performing arts design disciplines participated in a full-scale production exercise.

1. The project Costume in Change is a second-year exercise in the Costume Design bachelor programme. In this assignment, the programme’s four students design one costume each, which they present to the audience using real actors.

The exhibit presents the four costumes from 2014. Each is accompanied by short video clips from the actors’ presentations, plus drawings and other materials related to the project.

The aim of the project is to develop the students’ skills and abilities in designing a complex costume. Cooperation with highly skilled tailors and cutters is crucial for making the costume – and is one of the programme’s many important objectives relating to collaboration.

2. In the “team projects”, four teams present their interpretations of two scenes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

The project starts with analysis and idea work involving the entire piece. This process of artistic interpretation includes every member of the team from day one. The project results in a full-scale production on stage.

Each team consists of nine first-year students representing all the educational programs of SADA’s Department for Performing Arts, i.e.: directing, producing, dramaturgy, set design, costume design, make-up and wig design, lighting design, sound design, and technical theatre.

The exhibit shows the students’ work through stage models, costume sketches, photographs, texts and other objects related to the project.

The project’s aim is to develop students’ ability to cooperate, to get to know more about the different artistic parts of a collective work, and to teach students how to create a theatrical production starting with an idea and concluding with the encounter with the audience.

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