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2015 » Italy » Student Section

Curator:Lidia Bagnoli, Grazia Manigrasso
Authors of Theme:Agazzi Gianluca, Colombo Andrea, De Paola Francesca, Ferrari Juri, Fossati Gaia, Frigerio Claudia, Guarnieri Federica, Mazzola Erika , Sara Paternicò, Pezzotti Flavio, Romerio Lara, Sala Francesco, Veliz Boris
Designer / Architect of exhibition:scuola di Scenografia Accademia di Brera


The title of the installation refers to the idea of a passage – a transit in conjunction with a specific site - the city (Prague) where we intend to make things happen and therefore perform a transformation through a new concept of scenography.

We want to create another perspective, another world that comes from perspective of tragedies of escaping wars or starvation. The tragedy is represented by an inflating boat seen from the bottom of the sea. This new world is growing through the contribution of the visitors, who bring some gifts inside, given to them by the performers who play on the streets. In the streets, music or, in general, art plays the role of cultural mediator. In our installation therefore, after having received the gift outside and given as a gift inside, the public brings another object, as a gift for themselves, and puts it among the objects that are trapped in the fishing wires hanging from the top of the side walls.

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