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Curator:Piroska É. Kiss

The Collector’s Room

The aim of the early exercises is to acquire basic skills of design, including research, collection, systematization, composition, proposals and technical drawings.

The next step is one of the most popular courses: The Collector’s Room.

Each student imagines a Collector with a different passion in collecting. The object of the exercise is to construct the character of the Collector, design the room/ flat/space in which he/she lives and show in detail the Collector’s passion and his/her life. At the end of the semester a full, detailed model of the living space of the imagined personality and passion must be made.

The aim of this exercise is to stir the imagination and to research and establish the connection between the characters and their territory. Another important objective is to improve the skill and culture of model-making.

We want to display these models of The Collector’s Room in an installation depicting the room of a collector whose passion is collecting models from the ‘The Collector’s Room’ project.

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