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2003 » Israel » National Exhibition

Curator:Tali Itzhaki


The PQ theme, nationality or supernationality, geography and roots, is for Israelis a subject of ovoryday oxistonco, a blooding and painful question. Geographical borders, moral borders, roots and unrooting, immigrants, refugees, occupation, liberation, national identities, religious identities - all constitute causes for many of us to fight, pay a horrible price of life and blood; for some, willingly, for others, through anguish and resistance. Can our theatre deal with any of these? Can designers? Our exhibition includes somo offorts of thoatro people, In a torn socloty, of Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, people of the Jewish, Christian, Moslem religions and non rollfllous, with unac-countable number of "cultures" and "homelands." Suitcases are always with us, packed with momorios of tho past, ready to bo packed again. Newcomers, immigrants, refugees, and obsessive "tourists." Tho koys are kopt in socrol, safo plncos. Tho keys of the homes, the real home. The houses do not always exist anymore. Tho ownorship is not always clear. Wo Iry to koop our human identities from being lost in the violence. Can the theatre unite where nationality dividos?

Kurátoři/ Curators: Tali Itzhaki, Ben Tzion Munitz Výtvarníci/ Designers: Tali Itzhaki, Eitan Levy Produkce/Producer: Sigalit Gelfand

Exhibiting artists / ateliers

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  • Eytan Levy
  • Eli Sinai
  • Miriam Goretzki
  • Alexander Lysianski
  • Dalila Penn
  • Micki Ben-Cna´an
  • Moshe Yossiphov
  • רקפת  לוי  (Rakefet Levy)
  • Ury On
  • רות  דר (Ruth Dar)
  • Gerard Alon
  • Haifa Badaran
  • Ashraf Hanna
  • Tali Itzhaki
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