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2007 » Israel » National section

Curator:Tali Itzhaki / Ben Tzion Munitz
Authors of Theme:Tali Itzhaki
Other collaborators:Revital Teva, Gyöngyi Széplaki, Tímea Csóka
Institution:AMBI - Israeli Association of Stage Designers

Reaching Through the Looking Glass - Looking Over the Wall

The fourth wall – is it a barrier or a looking glass? Through the looking glass we enter into a world of fantasy; our curtains, walls, coulisses – our stage images – do we use them to create our visual themes? Do they reflect our own images? Is our theatre vision and scenography a looking glass, or a safety curtain? What relationships are created between our stage images and our real lives? What is our reality, and are we fulfilling our role as artists in pushing and expanding the borders of art? Can we push our borders towards new forms? Can theatre overcome walls and barriers to establish communication between people?

The Israeli Participation in PQ was made possible by the support of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport,

Exhibiting artists / ateliers

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  • בן ציון מוניץ (Ben-Tzion Munitz)
  • נטע האקר (HAKER NETA)
  • Eytan Levy
  • מיקי בן -כנען (Miki Ben-Cnaan)
  • כנרת קיש (Kinereth Kisch)
  • מרים גורצקי (Miriam Guretzky)
  • אלכסנדר ליסיאנסקי (Alexander Lisiyanski)
  • רויטל טבע (Revital Teva)
  • במבי פרידמן (Bambi Friedman)
  • בוקי שיף (Buki Schiff)
  • ענת שטרנשוס בדני (Anat Sternschuss Bedani)
  • Andrea Králová
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