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2011 » Brazil » Section of Countries and Regions

Curator:Antonio Grassi
Authors of Theme:Aby Cohen, Ronald Teixeira
Designer / Architect of exhibition:Aby Cohen
Institution:ABrIC/OISTATBr / Fundação Athos Bulcão / Funarte

Characters and Frontiers: Brazilian Scenographic Territory

The proposal presented by the curators of the Brazilian national exhibition for PQ’11 tackles the movement of scenography within today’s contemporary restlessness. It adopts the conceptual idea that scenography is a provocative art that establishes a pulsating frontier of languages, with an emphasis on the idea of the scenographer as an investigator of a scenography that provides a sensorial shelter for characters and ideas. It is a place for multiple characters from the Brazilian cultural territory, characters drawn from traditional dramatic and post-dramatic literature, from narratives of a hybrid nature and from everyday scenes. The physical exhibition space is presented as an installation where the interaction between scenography, visual art and popular culture reveals the Brazilian people.

Exhibiting artists / ateliers

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  • Flavio Graff
  • Hilary Baxter
  • Renato Bolelli Rebouças (Renato Rebouças)
  • Doris  Rollemberg (Doris Rollemberg Cruz)
  • Ney   Madeira
  • Luciana  Buarque
  • Daniele  Geammal
  • Cris  Bierrenbach
  • Carlos Alberto  Nunes
  • Silvana  Marcondes
  • Sérgio  Marimba
  • Samuel  Abrantes (Samuel Abrantes)
  • Rodrigo Cohen
  • Caixa de Imagens
  • Camila Toledo
  • Coletivo Laborg
  • Helio  Leites
  • Mauro  Leite
  • Marcelo  Andrade
  • Newton  Moreno
  • Julio  Dojcsar
  • Analu  Prestes
  • Valéria  Martins
  • Bia Lessa
  • Clowns  de Shakespeare
  • Antônio  Araújo (Antonio Araujo)
  • Fernando Sato
  • Fernando Mello da Costa
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