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Pražské Quadriennale scénogravie a divadelního prostoru Zpět na hlavní stranu Služby PQ 2015
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Signing up for the Scenography Education service (the art school database) allows employees of schools from around the world who are connected to performance design and architecture to add or edit information about their school. Students can then search through the complete database that currently includes more than 200 schools profiles.

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Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade,

Faculty List: Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade
Address: Takovska 49a 11000, Beograd, Serbia

The University of Fine Arts in Poznań,

Faculty List: Section of Theatre Design
Address: Al. Marcinkowskiego 29 60-967, Poznań, Poland

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,

Faculty List: Section of Theatre Design, The Faculty of Media Art and Stage Design
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 5 00-068, Warszawa, Poland

Academy of Fine Arts - Brera - Milan - Italy,

Faculty List: Department of Scenery and Costume Design.
Address: via Brera, 28 20121, Milan, Italy

Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk,

Faculty List: Section of Theatre Design
Address: Targ Węglowy 6 80-836, Gdańsk, Poland

Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków,

Faculty List: Section of Theatre Design
Address: Plac Jana Matejki 31-157, Kraków, Poland

Academy of Performing Arts,

Faculty List: Theatre Faculty, Department of Stage Design
Address: Ventúrska 3 81301, Bratislava, Slovakia

Arts University Bournemouth,

Faculty List: School of Design
Address: Wallisdown BH12 5HH, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Ataturk University,

Faculty List: Faculty of Fine Arts
Address: Yakutite 25240, Erzurum, Turkey

Beijing Dance Academy, Pekingská taneční akademie,

Faculty List: Beijing Dance Academy, Pekingská taneční akademie
Address: China

Berlin University of the Arts, College of Fine Arts, Hamburg; College for Design, Karlsruhe,

Faculty List: Berlin University of the Arts, College of Fine Arts, Hamburg; College for Design, Karlsruhe
Address: Berlin, Germany

Birmingham City University,

Faculty List: Department of Visual Communication
Address: Gosta Green B4 7DX, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Boston University,

Faculty List: Theatre Design and Production
Address: 264 Huntington Ave. MA 02115, Boston, USA

British Columbia University,

Faculty List: British Columbia University
Address: 2329 West Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Brock University,

Faculty List: Brock University, Faculty of Humanities
Address: 500 Glenridge Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

California Institute of the Arts, CalArts

Faculty List: School of Theater
Address: 24700 McBean Parkway CA 91355, Valencia, USA

Carnegie Mellon University,

Faculty List: School of Drama
Address: 349 Purnell Center for Arts PA 15235, Pittsburgh, USA

Cleveland College of Art and Design,

Faculty List: Entertainment Design Crafts
Address: Hartlepool Campus, Church Square TS5 7RJ, Hartlepool, United Kingdom

College of Management Academic Studies,

Faculty List: Department of Interior Design
Address: 7 Rabin Blvd 75490, Rishon Letzion, Israel

Communication University of China,

Faculty List: Art Department The Art Design of Drama,Cinema and Television,Oddělení umění – design pro divadlo, fi
Address: Chaoyang District Dingfuzhuang East Street No.1 100024, Beijing, China

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