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2003 » Great Britain » National Exhibition

Curator:Peter Ruthwen Hall
Authors of Theme:Kate Burnett

Great Britain

The British display has been selected from 2D>3D, a major national exhibition held in Sheffield last year. 2D>3D explores the theme of PQ through the diversity of contemporary British design for performance. Within the range of work - in opera and drama, installation and education - individual approaches and design styles offer pauses for contemplation. Each design opens up an interior world composed of many layers of inspiration and interpretation which make up the realised concept. Wo hope that tho fragments of what is left of that world - embodied in drawings, models, photographs and costumes - will speak diroctly to tho interior world of oach visitor here in Prague. As scenographers, we reflect on a refine our own visual language through the context offered by our colleagues (whatever their ago or oxporionco) and essentially through our own experience of the world. The visual narratives, characters and spaces presented here - from tho vast symbolic statement of a Masked Ball in Bregenz to the enhanced dereliction of the Almeida performance enviroments and tho conceptually rich but minimalist touring designs of Ian Teague - all extend our imaginative and rofloctivo capacities. Each dosign may also be considered through the sub-themes of our exhibition: Symbolic statements; Framing the figure in space; The performance enviroment, "Come into my world"; Animation: illumination. These suggest further ways of analysing and exploring our visual vocabularies. But whoro is British theatre's statement about current world events? We offer no overt political statement here, but we need all of our storios and our visual resonances to make sense of them as they unfold.

Exhibiting artists / ateliers

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  • Rick Fisher
  • John Risebero
  • Ian Teague
  • Richard Hudson
  • Vivienne Shadinsky
  • Sophie Jump
  • Ralph Koltai
  • Marie-Jeanne  Lecca
  • Paul Brown
  • Bunny Christie
  • Emma Ryott
  • Bruno Poet
  • Ian  Mac Neil
  • Ian Sommerville
  • Nicky Gillibrand
  • Tanya  McCallin
  • Antony MCDonald
  • Lez Brotherston
  • Paul Burgess and Simon Daw
  • Paul Edwards
  • Richard  Jones
  • Ian MacNeil
  • Sue Willmington
  • Fred Meller
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