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1979 » Great Britain » Stage and costume design

Curator:John BURY


This year Great Britain is presenting the work of 18 designers - designers who are of all age groups and work in many theatres, large and small, throughout the country. The exhibits which you see here were selected from a larger exhibition of Contemporary Theatre Design which was held in London earlier this year. The purpose of this selection was not to present an anthology of the various styles and techniques used in the British Theatre, but rather to focus on the most clearly defined tendency of our current work, a tendency both in the design of settings and costume, towards a clarity of vision, a creative economy and a cutting back of inessentials. Comment is inherent rather than explicit. The actor takes the centre of our stage - his presence is necessary to complete the design. We try to bring you work which is at once serious and beautiful - work from new drama in our country and work from the classics of world theatre. We hope that through our work you will understand more about our theatre. British designers greet their colleagues in Prague at the PQ 79. We are happy to be here - thank you!

Exhibiting artists / ateliers

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  • William Dudley
  • Alison Chitty
  • Ralph Koltai
  • David Hare
  • John BURY
  • Maria BJORNSON
  • Pippy BRADSHAW
  • Jennifer CAREY
  • Deirdre CLANCY
  • Liz DA COSTA
  • Robin DON
  • Christopher DYER
  • Sally GARDNER
  • Hayden GRIFFIN
  • Peter HARTWELL
  • Mary MOORE
  • John Napier
  • Timothy
    Tazeena O´BRIEN
  • David SHORT
  • Abdelkader FARRAH
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