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1967 » France » Stage design and costumes

Curator:Yves Bonnat
Authors of Theme:Michel Brunet, Bernard Guillaumot, Claude Verbiése


The French section was designed on the basis of the most audacious and up-to-date research by the creative artists of our country. The works on exhibit represent a selection of the work of artists, two hundred of which devote themselves to stage décor regularly and architects who devote themselves to a much lesser degree to the construction of theatres and Houses of Culture. They are obvious proof of the fact that the struggle for a new shape is taking place in all theatrical genres: particularly in the spere of drama, while in ballet this holds true only for the past ten years and the opera ranks last in this respect. We have therefore felt it necessary to show that these tendencies do not manifest themselves only in the capital, in Paris as used to be the case in the past, but that we come across them in all theatres throughout France: in the municipal theatres, dramatic centres and cultural houses. Innovations are not only the exclusive field of the youngest generation — it is the second characteristic which belongs to the past, as is documented by the works on exhibit here: the age of their authors extends from 28—62 years. Traditionally painters and interior decorators predominate among French stage designers. Only recently have these been joined by architects and sculptors. No wonder then that the contemporary aesthetics often fluctuate between these three expressions. This phenomenon is, in our opinion, due to the simplicity of technical processes exploiting light and new materials as well as due to the influence of the cinema and television. In this connection we would like to recall that in was the exhibition of Czechoslovak stage work at the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques de 1937 in Paris which opened this very road. The French exhibitors at the Prague Quadrennial have no other ambition than to present the diversity of inspirations and styles of their contemporary art.

Exhibiting artists / ateliers

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  • René Allio
  • Yves Bonnat
  • Jacques Bosson
  • Michel Brunet
  • Jacques Camurati
  • Serge Creuz
  • Bernard Dayde
  • Jacques Dupont
  • Yves Faucheur
  • Francçois Ganeau (Francois Ganeau)
  • Bernard Guillaumot
  • Oskar Gustin
  • Félix Labisse
  • Claude Lemaire
  • Jacques Le Marquet
  • Christiane Lücke
  • Jean-Denis Malclés
  • Hubert Monloup
  • Jacques Noël
  • Camilo Osorovitz
  • Auguste Pace
  • Manuel Parrés
  • Claude Perset
  • Michel Raffaelli
  • Jacques Rapp
  • Claude Verbiése
  • Georges Wakhévitch
  • André Acquart
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