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2015 » Mongolia » Section of Countries and Regions

Curator:Ariunbold Sundui
Authors of Theme:Ariunbold Sundui, Tudev Lodon
Designer / Architect of exhibition:Sundui Ariunbold
Institution:Khatan Shonkhor assocation

Installation 5+ You

The main composition of the work consists of 5 elements and 5 senses.

This screening of a short film inspired by the famous novel The History of Introduction with the World by renowned Mongolian writer Lodongiin Tudev presents marvellous images of the perception of different Earth phenomena as experienced through the senses of a little boy. The screening also utilises a variety of natural scents. The sense of smell is an important expression of the elements and, as the chief means of providing information to the human brain, plays an important role in set design.

Assistants: Tsagaansarnai, Esukhei, Bilguun, Tsegts  

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  • Ariunbold Sundui
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