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Curator:Csaba Antal
Institution:Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute represents by Dr. Piroska Ács, Director and Sylvia Huszár, Chief Coordinator

Donor for Prometheus

Donor for Prometheus is a theatrical narrative installation in which artistic craftsmanship and science interact with the CAUSE OF CREATION. Yes, the CAUSE OF CREATION is at stake here.

In interpreting the ancient myth, classic philologists claim that the 10,000 years of punishment to which Prometheus had been subjected, namely that an eagle would bite off and eat part of his liver every day, with the liver then being recreated, would soon be over. Set free from this horrible punishment, he would most certainly again contribute to the development of humanity with fire, writing, metalworking and other unbelievable gifts. In this final period, however, Prometheus seems to have trouble with the daily recreation of his liver.

Every citizen is committed to CREATION, already sensing in his/her imagination the explosive and all-embracing change that is to be fulfilled in the near future, but which is now still beyond our reach, and must help promote the CAUSE OF CREATION with the token of his/her own solidarity.

We must show social solidarity.

This tomorrow will look nothing like today. In its integrative ethos of everyday life, politics and all aspects of culture, technology, talent will erupt towards sublime heights with yet unseen verve.

CREATION will shine as infatuated hope in the eyes of the people.

To prevent Prometheus from suffering from possible hepatic deficiency, we will need liver donors.

This sort of help, which would be but a modest token of gratitude for all that Prometheus has undertaken and done for the sake of humanity, is made possible only by modern technology, as liver transplants are a recent phenomenon.

I therefore turn to the citizens committed to CREATION to join and register as a potential DONOR at the counter of the HUNGARIAN ORGAN COORDINATION OFFICE, which is situated in the Saint Anne’s Church.

Even if your liver is not reincarnated in Prometheus, it would not go to waste, but would be used to save a mortal soul.

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