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2015 » Chile » Student Section

Curator:Maria Teresa Lobos Rubilar
Authors of Theme:Ana Campusano

The Place of the Glance

Reflections on the place from where we look around ourselves, and which incorporates the concept of SPACE, which surrounds us and puts in a specific part of the stage, a signifier of memory. TIME as a possibility for extending the viewer’s movement in space, allowing us to experience things. Reflection on these concepts allows us to create before the visitor a process that challenges the boundaries of the scene in the room, the stage, the theatricality and text and the personal space, and in turn to convince oneself of the temporality depicted in the scene.

Media – both visual and audio – are constituted as stories constructed by the creative team based on their own educational experiences and art about scenic realities. It reveals a massive amount of views of looking at things and the possibility of comprehending the narrative space and the numerous possibilities offered by the story.

A surface made of a fabric made from bark shavings has been installed around the central space, which contains testimonies of many stories speaking of the unstable ground that constitutes the geology of our country.

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