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International Exhibition of Stage Design and Theatre Architecture – Prague Quadrennial '99
Industrial Palace, Prague Exhibition Grounds. Prague, June 7-27, 1999.

Held under the auspices of the President of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel and Mayor of the City of Prague, Jan Kasl.

Held under the auspices of UNESCO.



  UNESCO statutes:  1999_statut001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1999_statutes001.pdf 

  Conception: 1999_conception001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1999_conception001.pdf
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Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong (China), Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, South Africa, Spain-Catalonia, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Yugoslavia
(Cuba and Syria are on the list of participating countries although they canceled at the last minute. The catalog had already been printed, so these countries remained on the list.)


La Campement:  1999_letak001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1999_letflet01.pdf        MORE.... 

Lightlab: 1999_lightlab001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1999_lightlab001.pdf                 MORE...



Arnold Aronson, theater scientist, theater historian, pedagogue (USA)

Timothy O’Brien, scenographer (Great Britain)

Jerzy Gurawski, theater architect, pedagogue (Poland)

Maija Pekkanen, stage and costume designer (Finland)

Věra Ptáčková, art historian, theater scientist, pedagogue (Czech Republic)

Ján Zavarský, scenographer, pedagogue (Slovakia)

Jury members named by UNESCO:
Setsu Asakura, scenographer (Japan) – was unable to take up her post

Georges Banu, theater historian, essayist, publicist, pedagogue (France)

Edith del Campo
, scenographer, theater scientist, pedagogue (Chile)

Christopher Till, art historian, director of a gallery of fine arts in Pretoria (South Africa)

Tereza Wagner, representative of UNESCO

Jury Foreman: Arnold Aronson

    1999_porota001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1999_jury001.pdf



National section
GOLDEN TRIGA – Czech Republic – for the best exposition in the national section

GOLD MEDAL – SCENOGRAPHY – Jaume Plensa and his colleagues from La Fura dels Baus (Spain-Catalonia) for their brilliant design, the consistency of their scenographic elements, and their exceptional creativity


Jana Preková (Czech Republic) – for her excellent expression of the relationship between costume, actor, and the psychology of the character
Joan Guillen (Spain-Catalonia) – for fantasy and an apposite expression of the fusion
between human and animal form

SILVER MEDAL – COSTUME – not awarded

Rakefet Levy (Israel) – for exceptional creativity and the high standard of designs;
Elzbieta Terlikowska (Poland) – for exceptional creativity and the high standard of her designs

Thematic section - The best and most inventive presentations

GOLD MEDAL – Achim Freyer (Germany) – for his lifelong work

SILVER MEDAL – Byung-Bok Lee (S. Korea) – for his excellent expression of the purity, harmony, and beauty of theatre art

Theatre architecture

GOLD MEDAL – exposition from Brazil – for balancing functionality and the human dimension of eight projects by various types of theatres

SPECIAL GOLD MEDAL – Great Britain – for an inventive approach to the Glyndebourne Opera House

SILVER MEDAL – exposition from Poland – for respecting and using the genius loci for theatre productions

- exposition from Russia – for the remarkable and original project for the Moscow State
  Jewish Theater
- exposition from Hungary – for a well-designed overview of the four architectural
  contests for the National Theatre building in Budapest
- exposition from Slovakia – for respecting traditions during the renovation of historical 
  theatre buildings

UNESCO awards
The UNESCO award was defined as an “award for the new generation” and was divided into two categories. The first category was dedicated to young, promising artists who are at the start of their professional career. The second category was for joint school projects, which are usually shown out of competition at PQ.

First category – award for excellent and original work by emerging artists and artists’ groups
- Vladimir Anshon (Estonia)
- Liz Ascroft (Great Britain)
- group of nine artists: Tracy Grant Kate Halley, Dorita Hannah, Mark McEntyre, Diane Prince, Tolis Papazoglou, Helen Todd, Andrew Thomas, Lemi Ponifaso (New Zealand)

Second category – award for the new generation for school projects
- Students from the Netherlands for the concentrated impact of the project “Woyzeck”
- The student exposition from Great Britain for finding diversity within unity
- the University of Tel Aviv (Israel) for a philosophical view at space in the project “Space
  of Hamlet”
- The student exposition from Latvia for its poetic approach to stage design
- the Korea National University of Arts for originality and authenticity    

   1999_ceny001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1999_ceny001.pdf 



ground-plans of exhibition spaces

1999_plany001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1999_ground-plans001.pdf                      MORE... 



promotional and program materials, press releases

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Number of participating countries: 45
Number of participating artists and collectives: 516
Number of participating schools with scenography and architecture departments: 111
Number of Exhibiting Czech artists and architects: 23
Exhibition space used in the Industrial Hall: 5,580 m2
Number of Visitors: approximately 20,000 people
Tentative budget: CZK 25,000,000 


Chairman of the PQ Council, PQ 99: Ilja Racek, Deputy Minister of Culture ČR
PQ Committee Members: Ondřej Černý, Vladimír Drábek, Anna Freimanová, Karel Klíma, Miloslav Kučera, Jana Kučerová, Karel Kvítek, Igor Němec, Irena Ondrová, Pavla Petrová

Organizational Team: Ondřej Černý, Jaroslav Malina, Martin Tröster, Jarmila Gabrielová, Petr Oukropec, Luděk Novotný, Marie Reslová, Sodja Zupanc, Helena Albertová

Co-organizers of PQ 99: City of Prague, Prague Exhibition Grounds
PQ 99 was held in cooperation with the organization Prague – Europea City of Culture 2000
PQ 99 took place with the support of the Czech Centres Administration
Design: Studio Najbrt a Lev
Production: PP Production s.r.o. 
Realization: Terrinvest s.r.o.