Historical materials 1983


International Exhibition of Theatre Design and Theatre Architecture – Prague Quadrennial '83
PKOJF Congress Hall – left and right wing, including the gallery of the right wing. June 13 to July 3 1983

PQ 83 was held under the auspices of the Federal Prime Minister of the CSSR Lubomír Štrougal.


Statutes:          1983_statut001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1983_statutes001.pdf

Conception:      1983_koncepce001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1983_conception001.pdf          1983_koncepce002.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1983_conception002.pdf

Final report:      1983_zaverecna_zprava001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1983_final report001.pdf



Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, East Germany, Egypt, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, USSR, Vietnam, West Germany, Yugoslavia 


 1983_program001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1983_program001.pdf



Jarka M. Burian, theater scientist, publicist, director, critic, pedagogue (USA)

Heinz Bruno Gallée, scenographer, theater scientist, pedagogue (Austria)

Helmut Grosser,
Technical Director of Munich Opera, Chairman of OISTT (West Germany)

Otto Kähler, scenographer, pedagogue (East Germany)

Kotaro Maki,
scenographer, pedagogue, theater scientist (Japan)

Paul Mignot, architect, Chairman of the Theatre Architecture Commission of OISTT (Belgium)

Rose-Marie Moudoues, theater scientist, critic, publicist (France)

Nils Gunnar Nilsson,
architect, Organizer of OISTT's Theatre Architecture Competition (Sweden)

Georges Paro,
director, Director of Zagreb National Theater (Yugoslavia)

Militsa Nikolaevna Pozharskaya,
art historian, theater scientist, pedagogue (USSR)

Agostinho Olavo Rodriguez,
art historian (Brazil)

Zenobiusz Strzelecki,
scenographer, theater scientist, pedagogue (Poland)

Josef Svoboda,
scenographer, pedagogue, architect (ČSSR)

Ladislav Vychodil,
scenographer, pedagogue, Chairman of OISTT's Scenographic Commission (ČSSR)

Jury Foreperson: Militsa Nikolaevna Pozharskaya

1983_porota001.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)1983_jury001.pdf



National sections
GOLDEN TRIGA – Federal Republic of Germany – for productions of and scenographies for the operas of Leoš Janáček

GOLD MEDAL – SCENOGRAPHY– André Acquart (France)

Maurizio Baló (Italy) – for his stage design for Berlioz’s “The Damnation of Faust”
Shigeo Okajima (Japan) – for his scenography for the plays of Bertolt Brecht
Drago Turina (Yugoslavia) – for a state design for Šnajder’s “Croatian Faust”

GOLD MEDAL – COSTUME – David Short (Great Britain)


Thematic section - Scenography for the musical dramas of Czech and Slovak authors
GOLD MEDAL – Marco Arturo Marelli (FRG) – for the stage design for Janáček’s “Jenůfa” at the theatre in Frankfurt am Main

Maria Björnson (Great Britain) – for her scenography of Janáček’s operas
Zbyněk Kolář (ČSSR) – for his scenography of contemporary Czechoslovak operas

Theatre architecture
GOLD MEDAL – Finland – with a view towards Pentti Piha project for Helsinki’s Intimiteatteri
France – with a view towards the projects of Bernard Guillaumot
Italy – for an exposition showing the exemplary restoration of historical theatre buildings

Czechoslovak exposition

SILVER MEDAL – SCENOGRAPHY – Tomáš Berka, Jan Vančura

GOLD MEDAL – COSTUME – Josef Jelínek

SILVER MEDAL – COSTUME – Alexander Barbaj 

Honorable mention
- Young Soviet scenographers for their exhibits:
  Vladimir Arefiev, Irina Cherednikova, Ilona Gansovskaja, Adomas Jacovskis, 
  Maria Levitskaya, Alexander Orlov, Jelena Stepanova, Valery Viktorov
- Kaoru Kanamori (Japan) in memoriam – for his lifelong work
- Roy Robitschek (Canada) – for the stage design for “Endgame”
- Georgie C. Izenour (USA) – for his presentation of historical theatre spaces
- Paul (Belgium) – for the Theâtre du Jardin public in the Sfax project – Tunis
- Ralf Äke Forsström (Finland) – for the stage design for Shakespeare’s The Tempest
- Josef Svoboda, Karel Koutský, Jan Kozel, Petr Slobina, Jindřich Smetana (ČSSR) 
  -  for Laterna Magika
- East Germany exposition – for excellent documentation and presentation of scenographies 
- Danish exposition – for the search for new forms of theatre and its presentation
- Dutch exposition – for the search for new forms of theatre and its presentation
- Polish exposition – for the search for new forms of theatre and its presentation
- Japanese exposition – for the excellent integration of world theatre
- Philippine exposition – for its interesting exposition of children’s theatre
- Australian, Canadian and Vietnamese expositions

The jury recommended giving recognition to all schools exhibiting at PQ 83, in particular the school from London.     


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Number of participating countries: 28
Number of exhibiting artists: 766
Number of Czech and Slovak stage and costume designers exhibiting: 27
Number of works exhibited: 3,718

Installation materials: for financial reasons, we made maximum use of standardized panels and other installation elements (pedestals, display cases, mannequins); after the end of the exhibition, some of these were transferred to the "100 Years of the National Theatre" exhibition and some were sold.

Attendance: approximately 20,000 people (average daily attendance 1,000 people)Tentative budget: 5.5 million crowns 


Chairman of the PQ Board for PQ 83: Josef Švagera, 1st Assistant to the Minister of Culture ČSR
PQ Committee Members: Ján Kákoš, Jan Kohout, Andrej Nemhala, Anežka Neumannová, Karel Notin, Věkoslav Pardyl, Dionýz Stavrovský, Miroslav Stoje, Josef Svoboda, Ladislav Vychodil 

General Commissioner: Eva Soukupová

Secretariat: Jarmila Gabrielová
Production: Helena Albertová
Realization: Park kultury a oddechu, Ostrava
Architect and designer:  Leopold Kolarz